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MEMBERSHIPS (Based on availability)

Monthly  – This membership offers you access to the collaborative space (4) rental hours a month, accessible during normal business hours. – $200/month 


Weekly – This membership offers access to the collaborative space (6) rental hours a month, accessible during normal business hours. This package includes a 15% discount on the purchase of add ons package – $250/month


Daily– This membership offers access to the collaborative space. And you get (8) rental hours per month. This package includes a 30% discount on the purchase of add ons package 

– $300/month


Rolling “ Check in “ List for Members to check in and reserve their time.

Budget Friendly Live- Streaming Music/Podcast Recording Prices 

Audio and Visual- In Studio: MEMBER PRICING ONLY

$1000 (4 Hours, As- is Video) Includes Set up and Breakdown

- Full Live Stream Audio and Video 2 Stationary Cameras

- Technical Director

- Audio Engineer

- Camera Op

- One moving Cameras for Subscription and Licensing Promotion

- $5 Subscribed viewership, 50/50 between client and Production

- Tips split 60/40 favoring the client.

- 2 full song/ 2 segments, Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready

- Songs Spliced from Live video, and Highlights of songs

- Host/ short 20-30 second song interview

- Band can also find sponsorship for episode to offset their own cost

- Show Promotion and Marketing/Poster

- Songs added to Livestream and Broadcast playlist

$300 (Full song/2 Segments Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready)

-          2 Cameras/ Stationary, and Moving, Music Video Quality

$1200 (Songs (5) Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready)




-          Extended Interview 10-15 minutes $200

-          Music Production- $200

-          Audio Engineer- $200

-          Camera, Post edit $200

-          Graphics/Logo $150

-          Extra Highlights 15-30 seconds $50 per video

-          BTS Photographer $75 hr

-          BTS Editing $50 hr



*The song of artists choice, will be sent to individuals who watched the live performance

*All Prices are based only on client’s ability to perform and cannot always be guaranteed

*All performances are AS-IS, and cannot be altered, due to live format

*All songs, but not limited to will be used as “Company” (All This Entertainment/ Foxxy Records) marketing and promotional purposes

*Any income made from Artist Released Songs from “Company” (All This Entertainment/ Foxxy Records) promotion will recoup prices unpaid, and artists be given a percentage of funds.

*Will be created as a compilation album, collaborating with Venues to sell live albums, and other means of media sales such as Radio, movie, and video game licensing.

*Artist shall Retain a percentage of all earnings of used intellectual property



  • Studio Only $25 hr (2hr minimum) 

  1. Green Screen Rental Rates

  • Full Day – $250 (10 hours)

  • Half Day – $150 (5 hours)

  • Hourly – $50/hr

  • Green Screen will be freshly painted

  • Green Screen Assets

  1. Simple starting at $40

  2. Complex starting at $300

Assets for green screen, Rotoscoping, backgrounds, textures are all separate prices for editing.

If scuff marks are made on Green Screen, Client will pay $75 for repaint


In- Studio Recording Rates: MEMBER PRICE ONLY

  • Rehearsal Rates (personal equipment) Studio Only $25 hr

  1. Recording

  • Live Rehearsal/ Performance $250 4 hrs $30 per hour after 4 hours

  • Live Video Recording (1 camera) $200 4 hrs Behind the Scenes and 1 Song 

  1. Music Video Basic starting at $450

  • Consultation

  • Storyboard/planning

  1. Podcasting Starting at $500

  • 2 mics, audio engineer, mixing, 3 hours

  • $60 every hour after 3 hours


  1. Set Wall Design Rates

  • Personal Wall 8ft x 8ft with color $50 + Studio $25 hr (2 hr minimum)

  • Personal Wall Storage for reuse $25 per month (repaint $75, 48hr notice)

  • Design with furniture and amenities (Consultation) 


(Discount for setup/breakdown time 1 hr)

  • Space Rental w/ Audio Rental- Speakers, Microphone and Sound Engineer $400 first 2 hours, $100 per hour applied.

Add-Ons (All Subject to change based on event)

Photography $100 hr

Camera/Video $100 hr

Audio recording $100 hr

Video Editing $150 hr

Audio Editing $150 hr

Live- Streaming- $200 hr

Content Sharing- $5 per post

Music- $75 hr

Tables and Chairs $ 150

Catering (Consultation)

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