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Video Editing 

(Green Screen Content, Compositing, Color Grading, RotoScoping and Keylighting, Basic Graphics,Price based on project)

Project’s specifications will influence end price point due to frames processed by team, final content resolution, and Frames per second (because of the amount of frames to work with), and storage space based on resolution and frame rate.

Video Edit Rates begin at $100 an hour

Resolution: 1080p - 6k

1080p- Standard

6k- $400

Storage of projects for 1 month or terms of contract, or $100 per 500GB


Motion Graphics starting at $300 

Graphic Design starting at $150​


3D Modeling, Rendering and Resolution


3D Modeling and Rendering

  • Simple Model and render Starting at $1000

  • Complex Model and render Starting at $2200

3D Modeling Only (Set up your environment with anything you can think of, create your scene)

  • Simple Model Starting at $800

  • Complex Model Starting at $1400

3D Rendering Only (With only a single image in a background you can only convey so much information. But with an animated render you can convey a whole story)

  • Simple Render starting at $800 

  • Complex Render starting at $1200

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