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DISCOUNTS – Because of our strong commitment to the community, we do offer discounts for students and non-profit organizations. If this applies to you, great! Please submit a contact form and tell us about your project. 


CANCELLATIONS – If you need to cancel your booking, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your reservation. Cancellations within 48 hours will not receive a refund.


Damage and Studio conditions – Client assumes all responsibility for damage sustained to the Green Screen, equipment or studio areas. Clients will also leave the studio in the same condition as when rental began.

In an effort to reduce markings on the studio floor, shoe booties must be worn by all persons, with the exception of the talent. 


Pads must be adhered to all furniture and equipment that is brought into the studio to prevent markings on the studio floor.


The client is responsible for any scuffs and marks to the studio surfaces and must remove them prior to leaving.


All garbage must be placed in receptacles prior to leaving.


Any damages that occur will be charged to the client at repair rate. If the studio area is left in poor condition, the client will be charged a $75 clean-up fee.

Deposit – For any full day or extended rental, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required. Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours before rental period, however fees apply.


Overtime – Unless approved beforehand, any hours over allotted rental time are charged at the stated hourly rate.

Video and Audio Packages In- Studio

Resolution: 1080p - 6k

1080p- Standard

6k- $400

Determined on Consultation

Storage of projects for 3 months or terms of contract, or $100 per 500GB

Budget Friendly Live- Streaming Music/ Podcasting Recording Prices 

Audio and Visual- In Studio/ On Location


$1500 (4 Hours, As- is Video)

- Full Live Stream Audio and Video 2 Stationary Cameras

- Technical Director

- Camera Op

- One moving Cameras for Subscription and Licensing Promotion

- $5 Subscribed viewership, 50/50 between Band and Production

- Tips split 60/40 favoring the bands

- 2 full song Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready

- Songs Spliced from Live video, and Highlights of songs

- Host/ short 20-30 second song interview

- Band can also find sponsorship for episode to offset their own cost

- Show Promotion and Marketing/Poster

- Songs added to Livestream and Broadcast playlist

$420 (Full song Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready)

-          2 Cameras/ Stationary, and Moving, Music Video Quality

$1880 (All Songs Audio and Video/Radio, Album and Marketing Ready)




-          Extended Interview 10-15 minutes $200

-          Camera op, Post edit $300

-           Audio Engineer $300

-          Graphics/Logo $150

-          Extra Highlights 15-30 seconds $50 per video

-          BTS Photographer $75 hr

-          BTS Editing $50 hr




*The song of artists choice, will be sent to individuals who watched the live performance

*All Prices are based only on client’s ability to perform and cannot always be guaranteed

*All performances are AS-IS, and cannot be altered, due to live format

*All songs, but not limited to will be used as “Company” (All This Entertainment/ Foxxy Records) marketing and promotional purposes

*Any income made from Artist Released Songs from “Company” (All This Entertainment/ Foxxy Records) promotion will recoup prices unpaid, and artists be given a percentage of funds.

*Will be created as a compilation album, collaborating with Venues to sell live albums, and other means of media sales such as Radio, movie, and video game licensing.

*Artist shall Retain a percentage of all earnings of used intellectual property


Studio Rental


  • Studio Only -$40 hr (2hr minimum)

  • Full Day- $350 (10 Hours)

  • Half Day- $159 (5 hours)

  1. Green Screen Rental Rates

  • Full Day – $450 (10 hours)

  • Half Day – $250 (5 hours)

  • Hourly – $70/hr

  • Green Screen will be freshly painted

  • Green Screen Assets

  1. Simple starting at $50

  2. Complex starting at $500

Assets for green screen, Rotoscoping, backgrounds, textures are all separate prices for editing.

If scuff marks are made on Green Screen, Client will pay $75 for repaint

In-Studio Equipment Packages

Basic Video Package (6 hours) $1500 and up

  1. One operator

  2. Consultation 

  3. Planning/ Storyboarding 

  4. Lights, Camera op/ setup/ breakdown


Basic Audio Packages (3 hours) $500 and up

  1. Audio engineer 

  2. Consultation 

  3. Set up/ break down


Basic Audio/ Video Packages (6 hours) $3000 and up

  1. One cam op and one audio engineer 

  2. Consultation

  3. Planning/ storyboarding 

  4. lights/ camera op/ audio/setup/ breakdown


ADD 6 Hours for $1800

In- Studio Recording Rates

  • Rehearsal Rates (personal equipment) Studio Only $40 hr

  1. Recording

  • Live Rehearsal/ Performance $300 4hrs

  • Live Video Recording (1 camera) $300 4 hrs Behind the Scenes and 1 Song 

  1. Music Video

  • Consultation $75

  • Storyboard/planning starting at $270

Live Event Space 

(Discount for setup/breakdown time 1 hr)

  • Space Rental w/ Audio Rental- Speakers, Microphone and Sound Engineer $800 first 2 hours, $200 per hour applied.

Add-Ons (All Subject to change based on event)



Audio recording

Video Editing 

Audio Editing 

Live- Streaming 

Content Sharing $10 per post


Tables and Chairs  

Catering (Consultation)

Add-Ons (All Subject to change based on project)

Are you forgetting something? We want to help. Contact us, and we will help you find just the right tool for the job.

Crew (DP, Audio Engineer, Gaffer, Makeup Artist, PA)

Equipment (Cameras, Additional Lighting, Sound Gear, Tripod)

Day is 10 hours


Extra Add Ons (Includes setup and breakdown)

Green Treadmill ($100/day) 

Teleprompter ($100/day)

Gaff Tape ($20/roll)

Catering (Consultation)

Consultation $50 (1 hr)

Camera Op $500 (3 hours)

Photography $500 (3 hours)

Motion Graphics $300 (2 hours)

Graphic Design $300

3D Modeling and Rendering

  • Simple Model and render Starting at $1000

  • Complex Model and render Starting at $2200

3D Modeling Only (Set up your environment with anything you can think of, create your scene)

  • Simple Model Starting at $800

  • Complex Model Starting at $1400

3D Rendering Only (With only a single image in a background you can only convey so much information. But with an animated render you can convey a whole story)

  • Simple Render starting at $800 

  • Complex Render $1200

(In House) Voiceover $75

(In House) Actor $300 (8hrs)

Set Design (based on video) varies (consultation)

Social Media Optimization: SEO Marketing, Short and Long form Content Starting at $200

Stop Motion Video: Starting at $1000

Gaffer $500 (3 hours)

Makeup Artist $500 (4hrs)

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