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All This Entertainment & Foxxy Records

S- Satisfaction
E- Education
X- X-Factor
Y- You

We are all SEXY

What does this mean?
Why do you watch a show or a movie? Why is that song you love on repeat?
It has an X-factor... That something. Through our experiences, we at ATE and Foxxy have found that everything has an x-factor, and a way for anyone to draw an audience.
It's about You... How do you see your brand, your music, your project?
What we offer is an experience to build your X-Factor, getting to know and understand you as a client.
Your satisfaction isn't about only getting the job done right, but to inspire you, by creating what was once a vision, into reality, something to hold, and touch, something to listen to. 
What's next?
All of the skills and education that you learn becoming a client can set you up for continued success. Applying marketing techniques through audio and video, as well as understanding your audience, whether new, or growing.
It is a circle... But it doesn't work without you, and unless you want it, it won't be done, but if you don't do it, someone else will. Don't let your ideas go to waste.

Disrupting the Status Quo of Commerce and Entertainment
Previous Clients


Dog River Clear Water Revival

The Grand Hotel

Bay Shore Christian Academy

Cannabama: The CBD Store

Callaghans Irish Social Club

OWA at Foley

Atlas Industrial Outsourcing 

United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile

Greater Gulf State Fair

Empire State Music and Arts Festival

Free World Music Festival

Boogie Bottom Spirits

420 Bienville Square

Red and the Revelers

Satin Dogs

Certainly Unsure

Hot Lemon

Scott Bottrell

Mobile County Sheriff Candidate Charlie Wyckoff

Alabama State Rep District 95 Candidate Reggie Pulliam

Governor of Alabama Candidate Jared Budlong 

Governor of Alabama Candidates for Libertarian Party

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